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TDYFC have a dedicated group of volunteers who manage, coach and help out every week to keep the club running. In this section there's a brief explanation of their roles and responsibilities.


TDYFC has 2 committees who run the club affairs;


1) The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee comprises of 4 people. These are the Chairperson, The Deputy Chairperson, The Club Secretary and the Club Treasurer. The Executive Committee is responsible for making all the decisions within the club.

2) The Committee 

The Committee comprises of representatives who have expressed an interest in being involved in the running of the club. They typically are assigned a wider role or specific part in organising, delivering or facilitating something that needs specific attention or focus in delivering. An example of this would be running a fundraising event or being in charge of ordering kit on behalf of everyone.   

Committee members will be jointly responsible for delivering the decisions made by the executive committee.

Parent Helper - Minimum level of participation

Parent Helpers are typically parents or guardians of children playing at the club although this doesn't always need to be the case. Parent helpers are typically relied upon to help coordinate and facilitate activities, alongside helping with the delivery them. An example of which would be helping a team coach deliver a training session. Generally parent helpers are involved at a footballing level although there are plenty of opportunities off the pitch to help out too! Serving refreshments during matches or training to spectators? Helping coordinate and deliver non-footballing activities such as fun days or fundraising activities? there's lots of opportunities to get involved and having a successful community club relies on having a dedicated team of parent helpers.


It's not essential to have any recognised FA qualifications to be a helper, you just need the following as a minimum;

1) Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS) - Funded by you initially, the club will refund you once complete.

2) A Commitment to be involved with the club.

Some of the parent helpers will be classed as Developing Coaches who are volunteers in the process of obtaining their FA level 1 qualification. These are typically adults but may be older children who have expressed an interest in learning to coach. Developing Coaches will always work alongside a level 1 qualified coach and never alone. Two examples of developing coaches would be;  


 - Young adults in the process of gaining sports and coaching related qualifications.

 - Adults who want to be involved at a coaching level and are previously known to the club or an existing club official.  


Coaches are essential to the running of the club and the development of the children along their footballing journey. All the coaches at TDYFC have a minimum FA level 1 coaching qualification, which is obtained through a mixture of online learning, assessment and "on the pitch" learning. The qualification is delivered exclusively by the FA. Quite often the team manager is also the team coach who is assisted by other coaches or parent helpers. As with all volunteers at the club coaches must have a valid DBS at all times.


The FA level 1 coaching qualification is initially paid for by the individual. Once it's been completed and used at TDYFC for 6 months the club will refund the application fee. 


Coaches do the following;


- Organise, direct and train the children during matches and training sessions.

- Produce training plans that are fun and focus on delivering the basic skills of football.  

- Make sure everyone is included without exception.

- Create a comfortable environment here children can be themselves, feel safe and make friends.

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